Strong points

General description

Pendular pre-pruning for espalier vineyard system, perfect to cut and eliminate the branches between wires. Automatic opening of the head thanks to disc type “margarita”.

More information

Technical information

Standard equipment

• Anti-shock security fuse.
• Regulation disc rotation speed.
• Hydraulic lifting.
• Hydraulic width adjusting.
• Opening of cutting head by an oleopneumatic cylinder.
• Pendular suspension by means of a double spring.
• Pradines “daisies” cut discs.
• Storage foot.
• Adaptable standard plate to tractor (frontal).
• Lateral support rods.

Algunos accesorios

Hydraulic power unit 80L with cardan

Pair of opening wheels

Pair of chopping discs

Hydraulic tendril cleaner

Triple-pointed for coupling the machine to 3 PH

Counterweight box


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