Strong points

Head’s opening through hydraulic cylinder (opening safe system on posts)
Bilateral cutting head (allows unraveling the stretched wires that could be cut from the head)
Cutting discs “daisy shape” with Pradines knive
Equipment entirely hydraulic driven (possibility to have different movements simultaneously)
Anti-shock security fuse
Pendulare suspension through double spring system
Side security rod.
Automatic “guiding drive” for the wires

General description

Machine suitable to pre-pruning, chopping and disposal of branches between wires. The cutting discs ” efic shape ” work between the wires of the espalier without damaging them, and open the way to the passage of the posts automatically or manually by using a switch installed on the control box. It can be coupled with a 60 hp power tractor, both front and rear mounted according to user’s preference. Its exclusive pendular suspension system keep a constant vertical inclination of the cutting head, following the ground . It is completely hydraulic driven and controlled through an electrical control box with all function.

More information

Technical information

Standard equipment

  • Electric controls in cabin
  • Anti-shock security fuse
  • Regulation disc rotation speed
  • Hydraulic lifting
  • Hydraulic extension
  • Opening of cutting head by an oleopneumatic cylinder
  • Pendular suspension by means of a double spring
  • Pradines “daisies” cut discs
  • Storage foot
  • Adaptable standard plate to tractor (frontal)
  • Lateral support rods
Reference   Description X Pair of plain discs L W H
mm Hp Kg  mm mm mm
EFIC-P-5 Pre-Pruner EFIC PENDULAR 485 5 60 670 1640 590 2090
EFIC-P-6 585 6 60 685 1640 590 2090
EFIC-P-7 685 7 75  700 1640 590 2090
EFIC-P-8 785 8  75 715 1640 590 2090
EFIC-P-9 885 9 75 730 1640 590 2090

Algunos accesorios

Hydraulic power unit 80L with cardan

Pair of opening wheels

Pair of chopping discs

Hydraulic tendril cleaner

Triple-pointed for coupling the machine to 3 PH

            Counterweight box


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