Strong points

General description

Rev leaf puller for trellis vineyards. Ideal to pull out the leaves around the grapes without damages. The two heads have an automatic sensitive adjustment to the canopy.

More information

Technical information

Standard equipment

• Stainless steel leaf remover head 45 cm working strip.
• Independent flow regulators on each movement.
• Hydraulic lifting.
• Hydraulic width adjusting.
• Leaf-remover head hydraulic inclination.
• Hydraulic positioning of 220° left/right.
• Springs set for accurate adjustment.
• Automatic crop distance’ adjustment sensor.
• Storage foot.
• Adaptable standard plate to tractor (frontal).
• Lateral support rods.

Some accesories

Hydraulic power unit 80L with cardan

Hydraulic power unit 60 L to 3 points

Alternative cutting bar with motor

Front coupling part to tractor


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