Strong points

Strong frame and robotic welding
Manual adjustment of the angle and inclination of cutting bar
Alternative cutting bar with reinforced crankshaft
Sensor with position adjustment
Special steel knives with 4 teeth
Cutting bar accuracy adjustment (gas spring)
Sliding tray “no grease” with adjustable nylon wheels

General description

Very high-tech machine, lightweight yet strong machine, coupled on the front of the tractor, it is designed to trim and blunt the lower part of citrus and olive trees of traditional crop favoring the harvesting, ventilation or any kind of work that requires keeping the bottom of the tree clean (herbicides, tillage, etc.). It can also be used for lateral cutting.

More information

Technical information

Standard equipment

  • Electric controls in cabin
  • Mechanical adjustment of the cutting angle of incidence
  • Sensitivity regulation with gas springs
  • Hydraulic cutting speed regulation
  • Hydraulic lifting
  • Lateral displacement through the use of an spindle (hydraulic optional)
  • Reinforced alternative cutting bars
  • Dual front fastening
  • Storage foot
  • Adaptable standard plate to tractor (frontal)
Reference Description Cutting bars Cutting lenght Hidraulic functions Movements
mm Type
PVO-1-100 Citrus-Oli Pruner 1 1000 3 Cut, parallelogram lift, module tilt


PVO-1-130 1300
PVO-1-165 1650
PVO-1-200 2000
Reference A B C H W L
mm mm mm mm mm mm kg HP
PVO-1-165 Min: 2415
Max: 2915
312 Min: 250
Max: 1305
1956 670 1956 300 40
PVO-1-200 Min: 2765
Max: 3265
312 Min: 250
Max: 1305
2050 670 1930 325 40

Some accesories

Front coupling part to tractor

Triple-pointed for coupling the machine to 3 PH

Standard oil cooler

Lateral hydraulic displacement

Basic hydraulic power unit to 3 points


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