Quality is now seen as a variable that builds the company’s competitiveness and significantly affects its relationships with customers. The word QUALITY has several meanings. The quality of a product or service is the perception that the customer has of it, which supposes the conformity of product or service and its capacity to satisfy their needs.

Industrias David is accredited with ISO9001 quality certificates and ISO14001 environmental management. Obtaining these awards has not only meant a significant improvement in terms of organization and efficiency, but has strengthened our commitment to the environment and the quality of our products. All this helps us to achieve our main goal: the full satisfaction of our customers. Always improving the automation of industrial processes, we continue to evaluate the quality of our human resources and their training.

The accuracy, professionalism and technical skills of our employees are essential to our success.

We are founding members of two important technological projects in the Murcia region and we collaborate with universities and polytechnics.

ISO9001 / ISO14001

Quality and environment policy

INDUSTRIAS DAVID S.L.U, whose activity is the design, manufacture and marketing of agricultural machinery and technical assistance service, take on the PRINCIPLES that represent its QUALITY AND ENVIRONMENT POLICY, specified in Satisfy customer expectations, which means being able to offer, in compliance with environmental and safety needs, products and services that have technical and quality characteristics.

In addition, the Company has been committed to get the previous concept compatible with the prevention of environmental pollution, not only respecting the laws and regulations in force, but extending its requirements when this has been considered essential for the natural environment.

This implies to establish lines of action with specific goals and objectives that ensure a continuous improvement process : Realization of design, production, marketing and technical assistance services for agricultural machines able to satisfy both the needs of the customers and the requirements established by law. Use in all our services, the most appropriate practices and technologies to prevent, reduce and, as far as possible, eliminate any kind of disturbances that may affect the environment, Ensure that our services contemplate and comply with all applicable environmental legal requirements Provide a reference guide for determining quality objectives and environmental targets Continuously improve the integrated management system Improve the waste management by applying adequate measures for the reduction, recovery and recycling and ensuring the correct elimination of non-recoverable materials

INDUSTRIAS DAVID, S.L. makes its Quality and Environment Policy available to the public and all interested parties.

Yecla July 16th,2008



The AWARDS received in all these years, have been obtained thanks to the work, perseverance and dedication to our work. Recognition of our constant growth in innovation and technological evolution of our products.

1975:Technical Innovation Award in FIMA, International Fair of agricultural machinery of Zaragoza, with ELECTROHYDRAULIC IN-ROW WEEDER .

1976:Technical Innovation Award in FIMA, International Fair of agricultural machinery of Zaragoza, with the HYDRAULIC EXTENSIBLE CULTIVATOR.

2000: PREMIO METAL 2000 in the category of technological innovation

2005: Technical Innovation Award in FIMA , International Fair of agricultural machinery of Zaragoza, with THERMAL SCREEN, developed jointly with REPSOL (shared award). Device applicable to our In-row weeders and intended for weed control