Electrohydraulic in-row weeder ID-WEEDER

Undervine weeder VENTRAL

Between-rows string mower LÁTIGO

Interrow mulching brush ECOTRIM

Reversible chassis ID-ROLL

Reversible and extendable frame ID-NAMIC

Front and extendable in-row holder frame ID-FRONT

Extendable in-row weeder frame BIO

Single front frame with retractable mower ECO-CUT

Single-edged frame with in-row weeder X-TREME

Reversible fruit tree frame with 1 in-row weeder ID-XL

Front special frame for fruit trees with 1 in-row weeder FRONT-XL

Cultivators with in-row weeders COMBI

Hydraulic adjustable-width cultivators DAVICULTOR

Chisel cultivators with in-row weeder CULTIFRUT

Semichisel spring frame X10-TILLER

Discs harrow GRAVID

Reversible mulching roller RUNDER

Depth disc harrow for organic crops I-GREEN

Mounted precision spreader FRT

Trailer for mineral fertilizer DEF

Multifunctional trailed fertilizer ECOFEED

Over-the-row spreader for manure application DEA

Spreaders for organic solid fertilizers SURFEED

Organic solid fertilizer (manure) spreader PROFEED

Hydraulic duster I-DUST

Sweeper ID-ACORD

Reversible leaf remover for trellised vineyards REV-2

Vineyard and hedge trimmer for canopy control PV-VIEW

L-shaped trimmer for vines and hedges PV-L

Inverted “U” type cane trimmer PV-TUNEL

Light pre-pruner to use in espalier vineyard BASIC-L

Precision pruner CONDOR

Tunnel precision pruner PruneX

TRIM-PRO: Hedges disc pruner

Skirting pruner for olives grove in hedge OLIX

Versatile pruning equipment with reciprocating blades ALMOND-3

Pruner with “Inverted L” blades for fruit trees PV-SETO

Polyvalent discs pruner V1

Polyvalent high discs pruner ID-REX

Discs compact pruner V5

Pruner with reinforced discs for loaders or telehandlers PFP

Disks pruner equipment by double right cut PFS-i

Multipurpose discs pruner 2 rows cutting V-DUAL

Front berm sweeper for pruning remains ALH

Light mower for mulching grass and branches TD-L

Reinforced flail mower for grass and prunings TD-R

Mower with hydraulic pick-up TD-VID

Mower with hydraulic pick-up TD-FAST

Mower with double hydraulic pick-up TD-SO

Multifunction joystick ID-CONTROL