Our identity

We are visionary and creative.

ID David has been an innovative entity since its establishment. Refounded in 1975, it is the result of a multi-year alliance between its mentor, Francisco Lopez Hernandez and a prestigious brand of plows located in Yecla (Spain). The name gives honor to a small local forge, founded in 1915, the seed of our history.

We are ID David.

A mixture of creativity, ambition and know-how acquired over many years, made us the first company in the world to successfully develop an electro-hydraulic system that allowed the mechanization and automation of typical work processes in special crops such as vines, olives trees, almond trees, fruit and citrus trees, deeply rooted in the Mediterranean area.

Today we are a worldwide reference for highly technological mechanization solutions for special crops.

Our production facilities are constantly changing and updating to adapt to the 4th industrial revolution or “digital era”.

Our corporate policy and ethics promote sustainability, environmental wellness and social commitments.

The value of ideas

We are passionate about developing innovative solutions to facilitate management and mechanization in agricultural activities.

Experience, technology, know-how and design are the fundamentals to achieving our goal: the support and full satisfaction of the farmer.

Being excellent in everything we do is our guiding light.

Ideal products
and services

Trust, quality, experience and excellence.

Our fundamental criteria when designing our products are





Customer experience


Specialized technical assistance

Expert advice

Specialized and customized agricultural machines with an attractive design and increasing digitalizations.

Our products are oriented towards a biological, environment-friendly and precision farming.

Company certified with the Quality and Environmental Management systems ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


Inherent in our DNA.

We love innovation. Curiosity, creativity and optimism are essential traits of our character. Nonconformists by nature, we accept and learn from our mistakes by transforming them into opportunities.

We use technology to develop technology. A good example is our commitment to digitization and the versatility of the equipment we manufacture thanks to our exclusive ID-PLUS system that allows you to control all your ID equipment through a single Plug & Play Joystick.

Organizational culture

Our 3-Keys Ideology.


Lean Manufacturing

We  focused on Lean Manufacturing philosophy to improve operations management, products and workspaces.


Agile methodology

The Agile Methodology provides us a way to develop better projects in a faster manner, involving and organizing staff to operate as a whole.


Design Thinking

Design is our attitude and Design Thinking is the tool to face challenges and solve problems, designing products and services focused on users, involving them in the creative process.

Strategic alliances

Our key to competitiveness.

Consolidating knowledge and innovation as driver of our smart growth. We rely on strategic collaboration with universities, polytechnics, research centers, clusters, business associations and experts who enrich our knowledge and our ecosystem.

Our commitments

ID Sustainability.

To us, people come first.Respect and honesty are fundamental rules of ID David when dealing with customers, employees, suppliers and our planet. The company currently develops and promotes corporate social responsibility.

We believe in creating shared and lasting values ​​with all stakeholders.

Company certified with the Quality and Environmental Management systems ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Smart building to get comfort and energy savings.


electric vehicles for internal mobility

0 Net

CO2 emissions in our production processes


& environmental goals for the next few years