Strong points

Easy adjustment of the inclination angle of the sweeper head
Multipurpose sweeping head
Rubber deflectors for branches
Reinforced head with bearings
Manual arms extension
Hydraulic opening for adjusting the width of the row

General description

Sweepers of branches resulting from pruning products mounted on the front of the tractor by means of a quick coupling. Designed to enclose the pruning material in a central row allowing the mulching or collection at the same time. Light models with an extra measuring range between open and closed extension, equipped with different sweeping heads which can be selected or combined according to the operation to make on field.

More information

Technical information

Standard equipment

  • Flow regulator of the sweping turns
  • Indipendent hydraulic lifting
  • Hydraulic Extension Cylinder
  • Nylon blades or rubber brushes
  • Rubber deflectors for branches
  • Adaptable standard plate to tractor (frontal)
  • Storage foot with wheels
Reference Description Movements L W H Control
m kg Hp mm mm mm
AL-CP-D4 AL-CN-D4 Sweeper
for vineyard and orchard
full row
Min: 1,6
Max: 3,2


255 40 1300 1000 875


AL-CP-D5 AL-CN-D5 Min: 1,6
Max: 3,2
255 40 1300 1000 875 Control unit

AL-CP-E4 AL-CN-E4 Min: 1,8
Max: 3,4


255 40 1300 1000 875


AL-CP-E5 AL-CN-E5 Min: 1,8
Max: 3,4
255 40 1300 1000 875 Electrical cabin

Some accesories

Adapters and nylon brushes

Control for simultaneous use of flail mower with hydraulic pick-up and wood sweeper


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