Strong points

Hydraulic product mixer in the tank
Pressurized Stainless steel hopper, same application from beginning to end
Rear deflectors (outputs) positionable and adjustable
Working width up to 25 m. in the absence of wind
Flotation Wheels
Gearbox with two speeds and neutral
Electronic dosing display
Capacity 750 Liters

General description


High performance hydraulic duster with advanced qualities. Accurate dosing thanks to its volumetric system, it accepts all types of dust and granules. The feeding mechanism is formed by an endless hydraulic system assisted by the pressurizing of the hopper manufactured in stainless steel. The dust has at no time contact with the turbine, avoiding problems derived from imbalances and the risk of fire. It has an extraordinary performance of up to 10 Ha/hour with a perfect application created by the system of outputs that produce a loop-shaped projection that wraps the plants from the inside to the outside (from bottom to top).

More info

Technical information

Standard equipment

  • Electronic dosing display
  • Not reversal drawbar
  • Stainless steel turbine of 4.050 r.p.m. Independent of dosification
  • Hydraulic mixing product system
  • Independent motors in augers
  • Sieve to avoid conglomerations and foreign objects
  • Positionable and adjustable stainless steel rear deflectors (outlets)
  • Propeller with 2 speed and neutral point
  • Position lights leds
  • Front wheel for easy store
  • Floating wheels
  • T.O. with free wheel
Reference Description Max working width
m Kg Hp m m m
ARH-750-L Trailed sulfur duster 750 Liters 25 510 40 2,70 1,15 1,40
ARH-750-S Mounted sulfur duster 750 Liters 25  490 60 2,70 1,15 1,40

Some accesories

Special flector for tendone trained vineyard

Special flector for tomato and asparagus

Independent stop right / left augers

 Connecting bar to tractor’s hitches

V Connection to 3point hitch with homokinetic transmission


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