Strong points

Independent flow adjustment for each movement
Automatic adjusting sensor to the canopy
Leave removing head in stainless steel with 45 cm. working capacity length
Anti-suction system for grapes and branches
Hydraulic extension
Compact and robust frame, with robotized weldings
Manual tilting of the leave removing heads
Sliding tray “no grease” with adjustable nylon wheels

General description

Machine for vineyards mounted on front with standard attachment, suitable to remove leaves all over the grapes without damaging it through a leaf remover head equipped adjustable through canopy’ sensor. The head automatically approaches and keeps itself constantly close to the vegetation, swallows the leaves and thanks to the absence of cutting knives it is possible to work from the flowering until harvest without any damage risk for the grapes. This equipment allows to work on both sides of the crop, achieving a very high performance in plantations that require leaf removing on both sides of the vineyard.

More information

Technical information

Standard equipment

  • Electric controls in cabin
  • Stainless steel leaf remover head 45 cm work in strip
  • Independent flow regulators for each movement
  • Hydraulic lifting
  • Hydraulic extension
  • Leaf-removing head manual inclination
  • Springs set for accurate adjustment
  • Automatic crop distance’ adjustment sensor
  • Storage foot
  • Adaptable standard plate to tractor (frontal)
  • Lateral support rods
Reference   Description X Y L W H
Hp Kg mm mm  mm mm mm
DHD-S Frontal double leaf remover COMPACT 60 400 Min: 1560 Max: 2200 1390 1560 1120 2100
DHD-M Frontal double leaf remover 60 410 Min: 1925 Max: 2925 1590 1925 1120 2100

Some accesories

Hydraulic power unit 80L with cardan

Pneumatic wheels kit for connection to third rear point

Pair of alternative cutting bars with motor

Triple-pointed for coupling the machine to 3 PH


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