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Innovation and technology at Demoagro

By 23 May, 2023 No Comments

In the next edition of Demoagro, ID David will present their new ID-CONTROL technology in the vineyard, an innovative system that connects the user with their equipment and allows them to collect and analyze real-time data. This system is fully scalable, allowing you to customize the functions of the implements according to your needs and control the entire fleet of machinery with a single controller.

This system optimizes machinery performance, reduces costs, improves efficiency, and enhances the safety of operators and equipment. Its coverage extends to 80% of countries, which means that telemetry reaches any part of the world. Geolocation and data acquisition are two key features of this technology. The user can track the location of their equipment from anywhere in the world and obtain precise information about its operation to make informed decisions.

At ID David, our commitment is to provide the most advanced technology to optimize production and improve the profitability of your business. This system allows for cost reduction, time savings, increased productivity, improved cultivation techniques, extended equipment lifespan, and waste reduction through variable dosing.

ID David will attend the vineyard demonstrations where attendees will have the opportunity to learn about this new system in soil working equipment. In addition to the range of interrow weeding and tillage machines, they will showcase the ID-NAMIC, ID-ROLL, DAVICULTOR, GRAVID, and I-GREEN machines. The new REV-2 leaf stripper will also be present in the pruning section. Other notable equipment includes the PV-VIEW pruning shear with scissor-type cutting and the I-DUST sulfur applicator with the innovative variable dosing system.