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general description

Disks pruner equipment by double right cut. Ideal for simultaneously side and V cuts in the same row. Its design is suitable for working in extensive fruit plantations, both traditional and high density.

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Technical information

Standard equipment

• 1 Motor + safety valve on each disc.
• Hydraulic elevation of the cutting assembly.
• Hydraulic sideshift.
• Complete cutting set hydraulic inclination.
• Hydraulic elevation of the horizontal module.
• Hydraulic inclination of the horizontal bar.
• Hardened steel 86 teeth-disc.
• Includes a PRO hydraulic unit with cooler and double pump.
• Storage foot.
• Adaptable standard plate to tractor (frontal).
• Lateral support rods.
• Manual articulation of the last disc.
• Horizontal bar with discs provided with reversible engines.


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