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General description

Reinforced discs pruner to assembly on loaders or telehandlers, to be used to cut the side or top on fruits trees and for road maintenance and public areas.

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Technical information

Standard equipment

1 Motor + safety valve on each disc.
• Extendable hoses holder.
• Manual turn of cuting bar.
• Hydraulic width adjusting.
• Hydraulic sideshift.
• Complete cutting set hydraulic inclination.
• Hardened steel 86 teeth-disc.
• Progressive starting of motors.
• Includes a PRO hydraulic unit with cooler.
• Storage foot.
• Standard fixing plate to bucket.

Some accesories

DAVISC 40 toothed-Disc

Blade Discs for thin green branches with suction system (maximum cut 15 mm)

Hydraulic turn of cuting bar

Electronic indication for RPM of cutting disc

Sharpening discs machine

Manual articulation of the last disc

Branch Evacuators

Disinfectant application kit


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