Strong points

Full hydraulic driven equipment (total absence of pulleys and belts)
Motors with safety valve on each disc
Adjustable angle of the cutting bar
Sliding tray “no grease” with adjustable nylon wheels
Strong frame and robotic welding
Hitch kit for bucket adjustable in width

General description

Very high technology equipment adaptable to front loader for orchards. Fully hydraulic technology with individual hydraulic motors in each of the discs. Each motor has a safety valve with automatic reset in case of blocking, giving an unbeatable cutting power with a very reduced maintenance. Can be adapted to any type of loader, backhoe arm or telescopic forklift allowing cutting both on the sides and at the top of the crop. Thanks to its high speed of rotation it achieves a high cutting quality and a correct evacuation of the branches.

More information

Technical information

Standard equipment

  •  Electric controls in cabin
  • Extendable hoses holder
  • 1 Motor + safety valve on each disc
  • Hydraulic extension
  • Hydraulic inclination
  • Hardened steel 86 teeth-disc
  • 150L Hydraulic power unit with oil cooler and lateral counterweight box (C16)
  • Storage foot
  • Standard fixing plate to bucket
Reference Description Diameter Discs Cutting lenght Hidraulic functions Movements
Nº / mm mm Type
PFP-2250 Reinforced disc pruner for front loader 4
2250 3 Cut, extension, cutting bar tilt 2
PFP-2750 5
2750 3
Reference A B H W L
mm mm mm mm mm Kg HP
PFP-2250 Min: 295
Max: 695
Min: 975
Max: 1675
2580 1200 2160 435 60
PFP-2750 Min: 295
Max: 695
Min: 975
Max: 1675
2980 1200 2160 460 65

Some accesories

DAVISC 40 toothed-Disc

Blade Discs for thin green branches with suction system (maximum cut 15 mm)

Hydraulic turn of cuting bar

Electronic indication for RPM of cutting disc

Sharpening discs machine

Manual articulation of the last disc

Branch Evacuators

Disinfectant application kit


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