Strong points

General description

Multifunctional trailed fertilizer. Multifunctional spreader for organic solid fertilizers (manure) from 2.5 to 13 m3. Availability of multiplies acessories for localised and surface applications.

More information

Technical information

Standard equipment

• Parking brake.
• Hydraulic service brake. (Not available in 2.5 and 3.5 m3).
• Working depth adjusting pin.
• Hydraulic driving belt speed regulator (normal and inverted gear).
• Torque limitation security valve on the driving belt.
• Hydraulic adjustment of working depth and transport height.
• Lights signaling bar.
• Rear door (automatic opening and closing).
• Unloading chain in anti-wear steel.
• Standing support foot adjustable in height.
• Turning draw bar (allows turn up to 90º ).

Some accesories

Sieve with holes

Ladder and platform

Carrier chassis with four jets

Hopper and bottom in stainless steel

Disc spreader

Simple subsoiler

Doble subsoiler

Right subsoiler with lateral discharge band and hydraulic extension

Double Side Belt

Round hopper

Furrows cover

Camera + color screen 8″


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