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Pruning, in-row weeding, pruning and sowing in Demoviña

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The meeting was held on June 9th in El Toboso (Toledo). Visitors were able to see in a single tractor pass the soil and pruning work, as well as the latest innovations.

In this edition, visitors could see in a single tractor pass the work of soil and pruning simultaneously, the soil work was performed with the cultivator with in-row weeders,DAVICULTOR, designed for an integral work in the vineyard The pruning task was carried out by thePV-VIEWcane trimmer, in addition, the field professionals could see the work of I-GREEN, the rotary harrow equipped with a pneumatic seeder.


The main innovations on display were related to soil management, mainly due to the high demand for equipments that can control weeds efficiently. The clear shift towards organic and more sustainable crops, herbicide bans and new cultivation techniques using cover crops have led ID David to develop more efficient, sustainable and technologically advanced solutions.

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