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ID David, PYME (SME) of the year 2021

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ID David has been awarded with the prize PYME (SME) of the year 2021 at the VIII Contest of these awards which are convened by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and Banco Santander, in collaboration with the regional Chambers of Commerce and the main Spanish Press entities focused on acknowledgment of the small and medium enterprises performance whose activity is essential for job creation and wealth generation.

ID David top management formed by Mr. Francisco Lopez, Mr. Francisco J. Lopez and Mr. Javier Lopez attended to the event. It was also attended by the President of Spanish Government, Mr Pedro Sanchez, who delivered the award to Mr. Francisco J. Lopez.

The CEO from ID David recognized the work of the rest of enterprises. He highlighted the factor that joins each other which is “good teams formed by good people” and thanked their “dedication and the good job”.

He thanked CEPYME support that “helps to follow the track of growth the sustainability the innovation and the survival of every pyme (sme) and freelance”

This award suppposes “one aknowlegment of our challenges completed and the demostration of what we can do with aptitude, training, optimism, education and passion”.

Finally he wanted to dedicate this prize to his father, Mr. Francisco Lopez, who transmitted to him and his brother Javier these values of business ethics, innovation culture and “the passion for working in two sectors as strategical and important as industry and agriculture”

From their beginning they promoted the ecological, sustainable and innovative agriculture, what made them be the first Enterprise in the world that incorporated and successfully applied electricity and oil dynamics on this kind of machinery. They keep on working and learning to get this challenge and to settle the brand “ID David” internatonally.


‘We are ID David’




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