Strong points

Sequential hydraulic folding
Adjustable rear roller. It works always on the ground providing great stability and depth control all the time
“2 in 1” Radial and parallelogram system in row weeders
Adjustable self-supporting height sensor
Electro hydraulic in row weeders
Double electrohydraulic cylinders with synchronized extension, without joints and mechanisms
Fast and easy installation to any tractor
Strong frame and robotic welding

General description

Equipment designed for performing mixed tasks. Alternative cultivation of lines but always doing work among plants. By means of a hydraulic accion it allows raising the cultivator keeping the in row weeders in their working position and picking up the roller to compact the equipment. Semichissel cultivators are specially designed to work in vineyards and orchard plantations they are assembled in the rear three point hitch of any tractor, Ideal equipment for weed control between plants and central street formed in rows. Equipped with 2 in-row electrohydraulic weeders, fully automated, for the cultivation and weeding between the plants in a row (e.g. vineyard and orchard). The in- row weeders are driven by a hydraulic power unit and command by a control panel installed in the tractor cab, developed for working around the plant even with a very small size (from 1 cm diameter of plant trunk). The use of different tools is possible, allowing both surface work without earth removal and deep work up to a working depth of 20 cm. The equipment is controlled by a sensing rod, equipped with an adjustable inductive sensor. The system combines a parallelogram displacement with a radial movement, that provides the equipment a high accuracy and at the same time a high tolerance allowing deviations higher than 30cm in the plants line, or in the tractor trajectory. Allows working speeds up to 12 km/h. Its reinforced structure with hydraulic extensions and its special arms allow working with different kind of plough tools up to a working depth of 25 cm.

More information

Technical information

Standard equipment

  • Electric controls in cabin
  • Anti-shock sensor protector
  • Arm kit + Spring + Plough blade David by Bellota
  • Hydraulic pressure regulator
  • Electro hydraulic in row weeder
  • Electro hydraulic extension of in row weeder chassis
  • Tool kit for sensor regulation
  • Arm “D” and Plough blade to weed manufactured in boron steel
  • Quick connect kit for power tools
  • Standard boron steel plow blade “Golondrina” type, hardness 50Hrc
  • Special testrod sensor in high tensile steel
  • Pair metal wheels adjustable in height (not included in xxs and xs model)
  • Hydraulic retraction of the cultivator direct to tractor
  • Adjustable rear roller in height and width
  • Independent hydraulic power unit 30L (C1)
  • Quick attachment
Reference Description Brazos   Science-Weight-icon  tractor-1 L W H A
cm m Kg Hp m m m m

Combined cultivator Electrohydraulic
2 In row weeder

3 45 1,45 – 1,85  680  40 2,00 0,85 1,45 0,86
COM-XS 5 1,45 – 2,00  730 55 1,20 0,73 1,60 0,86 – 0,37
COM-S  7 55 1,85 – 2,60 880 65 1,20 1,30 1,75 1,40 – 1,82
COM-M  9 2-45 – 3,20  1130 85 1,20 1,80 1,75 1,76 – 2,40

Some accesories

Plow blade

Adapted barb rake

Adjustable rear roller

Retractable extra cleaner blade “V” for blade to weed

Hydraulic 3 point hitch

Standard oil cooler

Blades mower

Rotary hoe

Adjustable arm

Adjustable disc

Rotary brush

Remote control cable


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