Strong points

General description

Front and extendable in-row holder frame adaptable to any tractor without the front 3rd PTO linkage , designed for tillage and weeding inside plants.

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Technical information

Standard equipment

• Anti-shock sensor protector.
• Adaptable standard plate to tractor (frontal).
• Hydraulic pressure regulator.
• Electro hydraulic in row weeder.
• Hydraulic width adjusting to the tractor.
• Floating elevation cylinder.
• Tool kit for sensor regulation.
• Arm “D” and blade manufactured in boron steel.
• Quick coupling kit for power tools.
• Special rod sensor in high tensile steel.
• Adjustable pair of metal wheels in height and width.
• Independent hydraulic power unit.
• Storage foot.
• +/- 10º Mechanical tilting system (hydraulic as an option).

Some accesiories

Standard oil cooler

Disc harrow without motor to cover

Blade shovel to weed

Arm adjustable shovel

Reversible mini disc harrow

Soil and stone deflector

Rotary hoe

Blades mowers

Rotary brush

Herbicide application head

Pair of front neumatic wheels

Remote control cable


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