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ID David in Barrax ‘Rural Innovation Hub’

By 8 March, 2022 No Comments

Barrax Rural Innovation Hub was born to promote the entrepreneurship the innovation and the knowledge transfer for farming sector by linking strategic sectors.

The center opened its doors last Thursday at Barrax, Albacete. A pioneering new framework in Europe for innovation and technology of farming sector. BIH is established at forefront in European market as one of the biggest ecosystems in the rural world. Besides it has got modern and functional facilities which are shared with all the partners and it makes available all resources to the agro-food sector in order to promote the development and the adaptation of new technologies for reaching their individual and common targets. This project  it has the support from ID David as strategic partner.

ID David in Barrax Innovation Hub


This framework will be useful for all the sector agents as meeting point and reference for development of projects of innovation, sessions and events which encourage the agro-food sector.












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