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ID David production increases a 30% in 2021

By 21 February, 2022 No Comments

ID David exceeds expectations one more year. It closes the year 2021 with a production increase of 30% what means a manufacturing increase of more than 500 machines over the previous year. It exceeds the national trend figures for the farming sector.

The company has assumed a continuous growth along the latest years due to their commitment to the precision farming and technology. It is established as a leading company of the highly technological solutions for special crops.

The increase in production this last year is significantly high. The work has been encouraged by the improvement and demand of farming machinery from global industry.

During 2021 the crops protection equipments increased a 70%, they were followed in the list by our pruners that had a production increasement of 60%, especially the models BASIC-L, V1 y PV-VIEW.

Undervine weeders range keeps leading our production, especially the new bet of the brand, the ID-ROLL model got a good reception in the market in the first year of life. It is a safe bet for row weeding.

The outcomes were also favorable one more year for models ID-NAMIC and DAVICULTOR which go on with their constant growth and settle down in the international market.

Currently ID David exports to more than 50 countries and works on new challenges for keep on growing, opening new markets and creating jobs. It keeps on promoting sustainability, design, innovation and new technologies to be consolidated in the sector of farming market.



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