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Main companies from agri-food sector join efforts at “El Valenciano”

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Last Thursday April 7th it took place the third edition of “Encuentros Rural Innovation Hub” arranged by Almond Club at the El Valenciano farm. ID DAVID attended to the event together with some other companies from the sector to show the last novelties the challenges and the market opportunities; we keep on promoting the innovation and the use of the most efficient machinery.

The third edition of Encuentros Rural Innovation Hub talked about agricultural machinery and agri-food PERTE which was approved by the Government of Spain these last dates. The appointment took place at the experimental farm “El Valenciano” in Marchena, Seville promoted by Almond Club Association, which is focus on putting in contact young farmers to share knowledge and experiences with almond crops management.

The meeting started with the presentation “Efficiency and technology to increase the productivity” by Miguel Garcia, Projects Director from ID DAVID.  Currently the firm is a world reference on successfully developing of electro-hydraulic equipment to mechanize and automate tasks in all the stages of one almond, vineyard, olive trees or fruit trees.

During his speech Miguel Garcia remarked the challenges which are faced by high value crops and the keys to be considered to improve the cost effectiveness of farms. Futhermore the firm showed some novelties and projects which are currently in testing phase and that will be released soon.

One of the pillars of the company is its strong commitment with the sustainability the respect and the care of environment where its machinery works on what makes them be a perfect friend for any farm which looks at the future. Garcia underlined finally that from ID DAVID they want to secure the sustainability, the improvement of productivity, the improvement of user experience and the integration of their equipment in the digital systems of the customer’s farms.

The day continued with the speech of representatives from Kubota, Pulverizadores Fede and La Digitalizadora Agraria.

At the end of the day in the outer hall it took place the Showroon of agricultural machinery of ID DAVID, where visitors could meet the  discs pruner V1, the olive tres skirt pruner PFO, the blades pruner ALMOND-3, the chassis whith in row weeder FRONT-XL and the localised manure spreader ECOFEED.

ID DAVID, manufacturer of agricultural machinery for high value crops takes part actively as strategic partner in Rural Innovation Hub ‘El Valenciano’. ID DAVID shows its support to this institution to create strategic alliances and get successful on real new targets in the short term together with other experts on farming world.






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